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I’m frustrated

Lazy Doggie

I'm worried about my border collie because she's so different from our other BC's who would prefer to herd sheep to a raw steak, really! Our Fallon is lethargic and only responds to food. No balls, no frisbees. Help Dr. Josh! What do we do? Linda
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  • Linda,
    The emergence of a variety of specialized breed over the last 200 years has allowed us to breed dogs who have a particular tendency or instinct for specific activities. However, we must still view each dog as an individual. Even though Fallon may have the inherent instinct to herd, the desire may not be present. As long as your veterinarian concludes that a medical condition is not interfering with her energy level and her weight does not compromise her health, the level of activity she enjoys may be enough for her. While she may fall short of your expectations for a border collie, if she is warm, affectionate and happy, she has already met key criteria for being a dog.
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