I’m indifferent

Few ideas (AI, UTF, css)

* Button "Next" is barely visible. An eye would see it easier, if it is placed to the right-bottom of the page
* user should somehow accept comment, that he's adding. on-the-fly = unsure
* UTF-8? polish signs are missing
* it would be just great, if tester could include some of his own css/html code into messages and so on
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  • Thanks for sharing your ideas.

    * We're going to experiment with the position of the toolbar (top or bottom) in the near future.
    * We're working on improvements for the interactions on points & notes. Expect improvements in one of our upcoming releases.
    * I'll check the character encoding.
    * We do allow some basic HTML tags for the introduction and thank-you pages. What kind of HTML / CSS would you like to use and where?
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