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I’m pissed off

USPS calls customers liars if they report a lost package

I know no one from USPS will probably see this (one could only wish), but I wanted to document what I went through so that it may help others who have had this issue arise.

I ordered a package of 3 books from Amazon to my PO Box. The address was entered correctly with my name on it. Knowing that it was impossible for these 3 books (all in one package) to fit in my tiny PO Box, I waited to receive a note telling me to come to the counter to pick up my package. Days passed after the package (with a USPS tracking number) was documented as "delivered", but still nothing.

I finally went up to the counter to ask if it had arrived, at which point they gave me a different package that I had received days ago but they said they couldn't find my Amazon package. Thinking they must just have horrible processes at the post office since they didn't even give me a note about my other package, I told them I never received the Amazon package.

The employees at the post office told me that someone else must've picked it up then. I explained that this wasn't possible since I was the only person with access to my PO Box. They then asked if I had a duplicate key to my PO Box, to which I said no. I then also explained that it would be impossible since I know for a fact that the dimensions of the Amazon box wouldn't fit in my PO Box, which would mean someone would have to come to the counter and sign for it. I asked them if they had a signature on file for someone who mysteriously may have taken it instead of me - they didn't. I said, well, I never received it - there was no note, it was impossible to fit in my PO Box (so someone would have to sign for receiving it at the counter), and no one signed for it. They told me that I must've received it since the USPS tracking stated that it was delivered to my PO Box, despite me insisting to them that I didn't.

I told the employees I wanted to file a claim, and they said to me that I can only file claims on lost packages and even then, they would offer no refund since the package wasn't insured. I said to them that the package sounds like it was delivered to the post office and then someone either lost or stole it there, so I wanted to file a claim against them. They unhappily gave me some papers to fill out that had nothing to do with filing a complaint of this type and said they could turn it in but it wouldn't go anywhere. I walked out while hearing some of them continue to look for my package in the back. I called USPS customer service but they were all entirely unhelpful and would only call the post office who would then tell the customer service that I was lying - that they delivered the package. I called customer service 3 times - each with the same result of them not understanding the concept of my package getting lost between the post office and my PO Box.

This was very frustrating since it felt like I just spent $60 to have someone possibly steal my package at the post office and have NO way of accounting for it (this seems like a SERIOUS loophole in their tracking process). I found out that others have had this exact situation happen to them before and that Amazon actually was the one to resolve it. I called Amazon tonight and told them that I never received the package even though it shows it as delivered - without telling me I must be lying because of xyz like the post office did, they ordered me a replacement to be shipped right away!

This is *phenomenal* customer service from Amazon, but the entire situation feels so wrong. Amazon shouldn't have to be the one cleaning up after USPS's incapable tracking processes, or worse yet, their customer service who *should* be the ones remedying the situation.

The whole reason I got a PO Box at the post office in the first place is because I was worried my mail might be stolen from my home - needless to say, I now trust packages to be sent to my house more than my PO Box.
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