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I’m annoyed.

USPS claims package was delivered, but no where in sight!

I ordered a book and it took USPS two weeks to get here. Two days ago, it was finally marked as "delivered." I live in a home and I was home at the time of the claimed delivery. I did not receive the package. I don't understand why there isn't real time tracking. I mean I had to wait until the evening to see if the package was registered. Aren't they equipped with wireless tracking units, that get uploaded to the main server the moment a package is scanned?

Reaching customer service was a pain. I kept asking for customer service, but they kept giving me the "To better assist you, please choose a selection." I said delivery / tracking packages, and then I placed my tracking number. "Sorry, at this time, we are unable to check the status of your package." Then I say customer rep, "Sorry, customer service is not available at this time." Seriously, if it wasn't for the web I wouldn't of found out all I had to do was keep pressing the 5 button until it transferred me. Anyways, when I finally did get a rep, it sounded like some really tired guy that wasn't very enthusiastic about his job. I told him I didn't get the package, he said he would file a report and I would get a respond back in a day. We'll see if I do or if they are just blowing me off.
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