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Warranty issue!

My husband and I purchased a Samsung TV from Vann's with the extended warranty from an outside company that Vann's sold to us. Well, the TV wasnt working and Vann's took the TV for repair. Apparently the warranty company is playing games (sending our TV to California for a second opinion) and wont just either fix the TV or give us a replacement. Vann's should not be selling these warranties! My husband and I are to the point that we might not shop at Vann's if they are affiliated with a Warranty Company that is poorly run. If we would have bought the TV at Costco, we'd probably have a new TV by now, but we wanted to support Vann's since the staff is so knowlegdable! It seems like Vann's hands are tied when it comes to helping us out with the warranty company and that is not the kind of relationship that a store should have with the warranty company since Vann's is selling a product for them.
Connie Matolyak
Bozeman, MT
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