• Unable to pay my Verizon FiOS bill

    … number and bill date. Something was not matching up so I called Verizon bill pay. The automated bill pay system did not recognize … (2009-03-13)

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    • … automatically from my account going forward. Given how horrible Verizon is in terms of customer service, the last thing I wanted to trust … (2009-05-28)
    • … Matt, I went on Google maps and located the nearest Verizon store. I called them and they were able to give me the local MD center … (2009-05-28)
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  • Why is Verizon is blocking SMS (text) interactivity with Brightkite?

    Why is Verizon is blocking SMS (text) interactivity with Brightkite? Slow on the uptake? Never heard of location-based social networking? Yeeeesh. (2008-06-08)

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    • Verizon Wireless does not block ANY sms unless you ask them to. Maybe your Brightkite is broken. (2008-07-26)
    • Really? Do you have a Verizon account and are you able to check in on Brightkite via text message? Because I can't, and I didn't ask for any SMS restrictions. (2008-07-26)
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  • Written complaint to Verizon CEO

    Has anybody memorialized their Verizon dispute in a letter to Verizon's CEO, or to the Attorney General or Public Utilities Commission and has this gotten results? (2008-12-29)

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    Tags: billing, bad customer service, verizon, written complaint

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    • … is a joke. Having my own problems with an International calling plan that I had and then Verizon cancelled months ago without my permission. I didn't discover it because our international … (2009-02-03)
    • … Billing, they did address the lack of response from Verizon. They ended up fining Verizon and I finally got a resolutions person from Verizon to call me and had the overbilling removed. Public Utilities is the way to start. I also filed with the BBB, NY Attny … (2009-03-06)
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  • Verizon software locks the free GPS on the Blackberry Pearl to make you buy VZ Navigator

    … or Blackberry's built in mapping software. When I talked to a Verizon representative I was told that blackberry locks the GPS, which I later found to be a lie … and it works on basically any program that uses GPS on your blackberry. Simply put: it is obviously Verizon who has crippled the GPS feature on your phone. They do it because they want you to pay for a program … (2008-11-27)

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    Tags: verizon, verizon wireless, gps, blackberry, blackberry pearl, blackberry 8130, bad customer service, theft

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    • Verizon locks pretty much everything to make you buy stuff from them. You can't even bluetooth files from your own computer to your own phone. It really sucks. (2008-12-05)
    • … contract with Verizon expires in January 2009 and I'm planning to leave based on principle. I refuse to pay extra … (2008-12-16)
  • Why Verizon Wireless Sucks even more now

    Verizon Wireless SUCKS Now the company has made data plans a requirement on ALL phones except the cheap free phones they offer … (2010-01-19)

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    • … , texting does NOT require internet access. Verizon used to offer the nationwide premium plan … (2010-02-05)
    • … and FCC today! This is nothing more than illegal price manipulation and Verizon forcing you to pay for something you don't want! ... Spread the word ... HELP STOP CELL … TODAY! FILE A COMPLAINT WITH Consumer Affairs-Verizon Wireless http://www.consumeraffairs.com/cell_phones/verizon_wireless.html … (2010-05-15)
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  • Verizon ripping people off

    Verizon charging for long distance I never signed up for and now trying to make me pay cancellation for something I never wanted. (2008-09-02)

    Products: Verizon Telephone

    Tags: verizon, bad customer service, help, cancellation assistance, refund fraudulant charges

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    • … job depends on my cell phone, our service is with Verizon. Our home phone and internet are through Comcast. We decided … Fios. The service wasn't available in this area yet, so we canceled Verizon hook-up and stayed with Comcast, My cell phone … (2008-09-04)
    • … dealing with Verizon taking off plans that I had signed up for. Like the International Choice Plan ($4/mo), which they removed … (2009-02-11)
  • Don't believe what the Verizon DSL customer service says. You bill will be totally different from what you hear from them.

    Don't believe what the Verizon DSL customer service says. You bill will be totally different from what you hear from them. (2010-02-19)

    Products: Verizon DSL

    Tags: don't believe what the verizon dsl customer service says you bill will be totally different from what you hear from them

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    • … the discount for DSL with land line. I asked why Verizon would disconnect the service without notification. She didn't know but was sure that there wasn't any record of cotact … to talk to Mr. Morales. After talking and repeating my long story with several Verizon reps again, I was told that there would be no way for me to find a supervior by the name of Mr. Morales … (2010-02-19)
  • Verizon FIOS has horrible customer service

    I keep calling Verizon because I am unable to pay my bill online. They bounce me around and even disconnect me. I have been trying to pay by bill, but it is a big hassle and I am thinking about cancelling my service. (2009-07-03)

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    • … billing center is at (412) 497-7911. The Verizon web support center (not to be confused with the Tech … (2009-07-24)
    • … multi-step Account management approach with Verizon is redundant, ridiculous and frustrating. Enough that is also making me want to just cancel … sent a query this server could not understand. " LOL That happens when I try to load verizon.com. Seriously? I just got off the phone with them, (888) 669-9901 … (2012-08-30)
  • Verizon billing customers for services not provided

    … was put in, and the rep showed up, looked at the wiring in the basement of the building and said, 'Oh man that's bad.' He then left. Nothing improved so I told verizon again. Then they sent out a service rep again. I took a day off from work. Waiting … of service I got was to discuss a payment dispute I have already disputed several times....and sorry Verizon....you are not getting that $157. I dont care what you do to my credit score. I will not be bullied … (2008-11-10)

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    • … -1060 Fax #:(212) 719-3349 Verizon Executive Customer Service at: (212) 321 … (2008-11-14)
  • I want to get out of Verizon CS tangle

    … . What a fate? I called to get my $52 back and they are going to charge $79 more. :-)) Twice the Verizon reps disconnected while talking. Third time I was able to talk completely. She told that there is no note in my account of canceling the service. Its me who called Verizon CS and canceled. If they haven't noted down it, what should I do? For their mistake, do I need to pay $52 … (2009-05-13)

    Products: Verizon DSL

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    • … generally dissatisfied with my Verizon service because I'm paying alot more than the other competitors but my service/signal strength is less where I'm living. I'm experiencing … to resolve my problems. Who can I talk to to resolve my dissatisfaction with my Verizon service???...who can actually get something done, and how do I get a hold of them? Also, my phone (Motorola … (2009-10-19)
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