Vesternet account not accessible


I have made a number of orders in the past but I cannot log into using my account

I tried requesting a password reset but didn't receive email.
Has my account been deleted or deactivated.

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  • Dave (Founder & Board Member) June 14, 2012 10:49
    Hi Dave,

    You may have missed the recent email we sent but can read about changes in our blog:

    We've moved our site to a much bigger and better platform and so any old order invoices etc can be requested by email, but now any future new orders will be on this new platform with much better backend dashboard.

    Your old details won't be in the new site, but you can very easily 1-click register now with your Google, Facebook, OpenID accounts etc. here:

    We should have details migrated over in the next few days but this is a really quick fix to place an order.


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