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Vidoop is now Confident Technologies, no more GetSatisfaction support.

For those of you waiting for support from Vidoop, here is an email string from the company that now owns Vidoop:


I am wondering when you will be able to provide an the updated Firefox plugin found here for Firefox 4.0 and for Google Chrome. It would be great to have the password store and form fill functionality back again.

You might want to also visit your Vidoop Getsatisfaction forum page here. There are a lot of ideas and bug reports there that need to be addressed.

Stephen Judge"

"Thank you for your feedback.

Vidoop's assets, including myVidoop, were purchased by Confident
Technologies, Inc, earlier this year. During the entire transition
period the service has been running, but with no new features or

We get occasional requests for service updates. We'll add your
request for a FF 4.0 and Google Chrome plugin to the list.

We occasionally monitor the Get Satisfaction pages, but have switched
to email for support requests.

When Confident Technologies does announce its plans for myVidoop,
we'll do it in a public way, probably on the product page on our main

There's not much more I can say at this time. I hope this was better
than no answer at all.

John Whitlock
Senior Software Engineer
Confident Technologies, Inc."

You can contact Confident Technologies for support here