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Photo of Hao Shi
Handling duce in TTScoreBoard
After 10:10 tie in an eleven-point game, the score should continue to increase, until one side leads by two!
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Photo of Tetrikus
Since this is a CSV tool I expect, that it supports the different encodings of a csv file, but I can't find the related options. I don't ...
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Photo of late
Vtrace is requesting background location
Vtrace is requesting background location. I feel it is unnecessary and should be limited only to location while using the application.
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Photo of Brad
File Size Limit
I have 20 CSV files each with approximately 20,000 records, I would like to search all these records for a specific record.  Is there an ...
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Photo of Tyler Ezelyk
I love this app. Any chance you could make pin color selection an option please? Thanks :)
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