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Changing Header Image file in template?

We are currently setting up a new forum based on the Toddlers theme. Everywhere I seem to look though I cannot find anywhere to change the Header's Image file. Is there some way to get access to the /f/ folder where all my images are stored to overwrite it with my own image?

I tried the clicdev! file manager but it seems to high of a folder listing and does not go back far enough.

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  • Hi typically most people go into the admin control panel then go to the skins and templates area, then manage skin sets, choose the skin you are wishing to change, then click Explore you will see all the images come up. then you go to the one that is currently your header, and replace the header image, do not delete.

    This is the easist form of changing a skin to suit you vs making a new skin which can be difficult if you do not know what you are doing.
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