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I’m concerned that you're messing up my ability to rent the property!!!

6414 E. Bates Ave. --try goole earthing this address- your score is WAY low!!

your walk score is wrong.(6414 E. Bates Ave. Denver CO 80222)
MANY amenities are within walking distance to the listing !! Parks, grocery, coffee, pizza shop, subway, laundry, florist, church, hiking trails
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  • If amenities are missing from your neighborhood, you can add them by following these instructions:
    Go to and type in any city, neighborhood or address in “Get Your Score” search bar
    Click “Add a Place” icon just below the map
    Fill out the fields in the pop-up screen: category, add photo already saved in a folder, place name, address, phone, website, etc.
    Add a comment about the place... and you can add a relevant hashtag that differs from category names (such as #kidfriendly or #soccer)
    Sign in with either a Gmail or Facebook account – click “Submit”

    You can learn more about how your Walk Score is calculated here:
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