I’m frustrated

can I customize the walk score for my property?

Hi there,
I just listed my house in Toronto and the businesses coming up on walkscore do not reflect all the new exciting businesses that make this neighbourhood recently very attractive. Instead, all kinds of sketchy businesses come up making it seem like a not very attractive neighbourhood. Can one customize what comes up on walkscore?

my email eyefilm@hotmail.com
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  • Aleisha (Official Rep) June 19, 2014 22:03
    Amenities are displayed in order of proximity to the address. If amenities are missing, they can be added by following these instructions:

    1. Go to www.walkscore.com and type in the address in “Get Your Score” search bar
    2. Click “Add a Place” button just below the map
    3. Fill out the fields in the pop-up screen: category, place name, address, phone, website, etc
    4. Sign in with either a Gmail or Facebook account – click “Submit”
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