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I put in my workplace (3400 W Commercial Blvd., Fort Lauderdale, FL) and played with the transit commute time. It catches the Broward County Transit routes, but it misses Tri-Rail, the area commuter rail. Tri-Rail has a shuttle from the train station that stops at our building, making it a good option for many commuters. Although currently the site does not account for the commuter rail system even if I put in a location near one of the stations.
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    I’m pro light rail!
    Our public transit data covers over 200 cities (and growing), where transit agencies have published their schedule data in an open format. If you can't search for apartments by public transit time in your city or certain types of public transit seem to be missing visit citygoround.org to support open data and urge your local transit agencies to provide schedule data so programmers can build helpful tools for their users.

    Here's a list of Florida transit agencies and it looks like only a handfull are providing data at this time.
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