Disability/Mobility not reflected in scores - HILLS !

Walkscores and transit-scores are "inflated" for people with even mild mobility limitations. Some people cannot walk UP(or DOWN - different people), say, a half-block hill, but, on level ground, might be able to walk for miles.
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    There are a number of factors (pedestrian design, safety, etc.) that contribute to walkability but are difficult to measure with an algorithm.

    You can learn more about our methodology and how Walk Score doesn't work (known issues) here.

    We do display elevation data on the "Commute" tab to help you evaluate the typography involved in point-to-point route. After you enter an address in the search bar on walkscore.com, select the commute tab. Enter a second address and you can see elevation changes for walking, biking and driving routes between the two locations.
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