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Great site! What would it take to have Walk Score for Auckland, New Zealand?

This site is Awesome :)

Auckland, New Zealand is not on it :(
Auckland is a fantastic and rapidly growing city. Walk Score could be a key tool to rating and improving the walking score of the city, and for Aucklanders to know and make decisions about where to live and work.

What would this take to have Auckland included? :)
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  • Jesse (Official Rep) May 05, 2016 21:58
    Hi Carl,

    We don't have city or neighborhood scores in New Zealand, but we do score all addresses there. Just type a full address in the search field.

    For example: Here's the page for 86 Federal Street, Auckland:

    FYI, while the city and neighborhood scores are great, the score that matters most is the score for an individual address since that's the one that affects you most directly when choosing where to live, where to vacation, where to situate your business, etc.

    Thanks for the request for city scores there too. I can't make any promises on that, but we'll consider that in our future work.

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