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How is Chalotte's Rail System is Meaningless to Walk Score?!??

How is it possible to give Charlotte a score of zero for transit when they have a light rail and electric street car corridors and most of the development in the city has gone to within 1/2 mile of these stations???! How can Walk Score ignore the bike/ped trail that parallels the light rail corridor?

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  • Jesse (Official Rep) April 26, 2016 17:48
    Hi Mack,

    We don't give Charlotte a score of zero for Transit Score.

    You'll notice there's no Transit Score at all on our Charlotte page:

    We aren't able to score Charlotte on transit because the transit agencies there don't publicly publish their stop locations and schedule information. According to, Charlotte Area Transit System is now the 4th largest transit agency in the country to not make their data public.

    We only publish Transit Score for cities where we have data coverage from all the major local transit agencies. If Charlotte's Agencies publish their data we'll be happy to score the city and every address in it.

    If you're a local there, we'd appreciate you contacting the agencies there to request that they make their data public.

    Citygoround has a form to make that request for Charlotte Area Transit System:

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