Low score, Why?

I am wondering why my address gets a 60 when I walk to everything?
I can walk to all of this in 10 minutes: 3 grocery stores, 3 coffee shops, electronics store, auto store with 4 mechanics, home furnishings store, 3 clothing stores, outdoor store, dollar store, 3 dentist offices, travel agent, skateboard shop, 2 liquor stores, 3 sporting goods stores, 3 cell phone shops, Post office, about 20 restaurants (sushi to pizza), craft/fabric shop, walk in medical clinic, 3 gas stations, Greyhound bus station, 3 bars, 2 city bus stops, a beach, river trail, off leash area, golf course, curling rink, squash courts. It takes 15 minutes to get to the civic sports center with a pool, ice rink and a gym, baseball diamonds and soccer with mountain bike and BMX tracks and horse arena.

40200 Government Road Squamish.

I never drive in my town.
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