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Multiple missing information on walkscore, but shows up on Google Maps

Address example (5527 N Valentia Denver, CO 80238) it won't automatically display Northfield High School, but if you type it in search it suddenly will show up. I also noticed that super target (7930 Northfield Blvd, Denver, CO 80238) wasn't listed under grocery stores. I only do my grocery shopping there. There's also a Star Buck's in that target that's not coming up on walk score, but show's up on google maps (2 in the area). I'll also mention that there's a Five Guys Burger, Torchy's Taco, and Cuba Cuba Restaurant not listed under restaurants. Pizza Park should be listed under parks not restaurants. I also noticed that several parks, open spaces (bike trails), and restaurants not listed on walk score that are on google maps (Willow Basin Park, The Green Park, Light Rail at Central Park Station). I realize this area is only been around for the past 5 years and new construction happens all the time, I just a little surprised with over 20,000 residents in the immediate area that no one has brought this to your attention. You can email me back at if you have any questions.
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