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I’m unsure

Not all streets are created equal: sidewalks, speed limit, # of lanes.

Perhaps, somehow, accounting for the proximity of highways and major corridor streets, and the absence of sidewalks. My neighborhood has a rating of 82, which is much much higher than I would have guessed because we are bounded by two major corridors and one state highway, and several residential streets lack sidewalks. The high volume of fast moving traffic around and through the neighborhood can make it feel unsafe.
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  • I’m disappointed.
    I agree -- there needs to be some way to account for how pleasant or unpleasant a walk is. If I need to walk a mile to get groceries, I'm more likely to do it if the walk is along small residential streets with one lane, a low speed limit, sidewalks, and shade from the sun.

    My home neighborhood and my work HQ have the same walkability score, but at home, the speed limit is 25-30 and it's a really lovely walk. At work HQ, the speed limit is 45. Ever intersection has a stoplight (which is less friendly to walkers than a stop sign). There are 4-5 lanes of traffic. Not every intersection has a crosswalk on all four sides -- several places only allow foot traffic on three of the streets. There is no shade from the sun, since everything around is strip malls and office complexes.
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