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Outdated Information

I checked my neighborhood with WalkScore - lots of incorrect information. There's a park much closer than the one listed, this area is a quiet, safe, great place to walk, there are many stores & restaurants within a half mile away - certainly within walk-able distance. How often is this data updated?? (area is zip code 34233)
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  • Aleisha (Official Rep) June 23, 2014 20:09
    Amenity information on Walk Score can be updated at any time by following these instructions:

    To add a place:

    1. Go to www.walkscore.com and type in the address in “Get Your Score” search bar
    2. Click “Add a Place” button just below the map
    3. Fill out the fields in the pop-up screen: category, place name, address, phone, website, etc
    4. Sign in with either a Gmail or Facebook account – click “Submit”

    To edit or remove an amenity:

    1. Select the amenity to be removed on walkscore.com by clicking the information button in the amenity details bubble
    2. Click "Edit Place"
    3. Edit details or click "Remove Place"
    4. If removing, select a reason for removal
    5. Sign in with either a Gmail or Facebook account – click “Submit”
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