Political and developed boundaries may differ - WalkScore should ignore undeveloped areas such as wilderness and water bodies.

Juneau, AK, like many Alaskan communities, is much larger than its developed area - with 3248 square miles of area, 704 of which are water and 928 of which are icefield, and only ~200 miles of road network, the vast majority of the city and borough is wilderness, and shouldn't be counted towards the average walk score. The overall community score should be tied not to the political boundaries of the community, but to the road network - that is, don't calculate a walk score for areas that are more than 1/4 mile or so from a road - I can't imagine a community where anyone lives or works more than 1/4 mile from a road, so these areas will always be extraneous to the walk score, be they wilderness, farms, or other undeveloped areas.
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