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Resident unfriendly for residents/visitors in wheelchairs or walkers; not bicycle friendly re sidewalk access

what a scam website. you list House of Tofu listed as a place to shop for groceries for new 999 Hiawatha Place South renters, hah hah hah hah hah. How much do the businesses pay your website for ridiculous info like that? re a 74 rating for walkability: depends on who you talk with. If one is walking to a supermarket on 23rd Ave S (Red Apple) it's either a way around (via the I-90 bike-ped path or north to Jackson; or a very steep uphill climb via Dearborn or Charles Sts); ditto if one is going to want to bus north to Cap Hill, Montake, U District. Getting to downtown by walking entails dealing with avoiding being hit by drivers who run red lights on Dearborn off of Rainier Ave S. and all intersecting streets through 5th Ave S by Uwajimaya. 999 Hiawatha Pl S is not resident friendly towards the disabled nor towards bicycle users: To access the sidewalk (as they have not provided a ramp-sloped sidewalk at their only entryway) one will have to go to either the far north or far south end of the street. Residents or visitors of residents who use wheelchairs, walkers will need to be dropped off at those far ends of the block to be able to access the sidewalk.
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