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I’m confused

Ridiculously low Transit Score with major bus routes within a block

Our fourplex has a surprisingly low Transit Score of only 53. It is within a block of two major buslines that go directly downtown. One goes right through the popular Hawthorne district. The other goes down the new upgraded business district on Division. How can we get a better evaluation of our score?
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  • My comment was about the fourplex we own. Transit score is only 53. So I checked the transit score for our home. It is at 54, which makes sense. It only has one busroute within a block, and it doesn't go downtown. It merely passes through the popular business districts mentioned above. It is six blocks to the routes that go downtown and neither of those goes down the Hawthorne district. The fourplex has far better transit, but has a lower score. Shameful of your "methodology."
    The fourplex should be much closer to the 70 it deserves!
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