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Terrible Categories -- Bad Google Data

A great deal of the Google Maps data this is based on is BS -- there are probably more incorrect places marked than correct ones. For instance, the closest "grocery" to my house was marked at a single-family house -- no store at all -- and the marker was nowhere near the listed address, which doesn't even exist -- it's in Renton, not Seattle. Just complete garbage data. So I removed it.

After recalculating, the NEW next closest "grocery" is a place that sells Japanese Tea Sweets. Only. That's not what I call a "grocery", and I doubt even a new Japanese immigrant to here would call it that. I don't know what you'd call it -- a specialty shop?

That's just two examples, which happen to be the very first examples I've run across for my own house in a dense neighborhood in Seattle, arguably the most internetty place on earth. Imagine how awful the data is elsewhere.

I spend a LOT of time futzing around with Google Maps, and I find bad data CONSTANTLY. I've given up trying to submit corrections; they rarely get acted on, and new bad data gets entered faster than the old is corrected. There is even a ton of "owner-verified" business information that's completely wrong, even on basic information like the name of the business, the address, the marker placement on the map, what they sell, etc. These entries can't be edited.

Until this app figures out a way to acquire good data, it's always going to have problems. Google doesn't seem to give a damn whether their data is any good or not. Does Walk Score?
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