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I’m thankful for walkscore! and the two legs i was born with

THANK YOU -- let's get to not just busses but supercenter walkability please!

i LOVE LOVE LOVE walkscore. i use it nearly daily for necessity and dreaming. i do have a question, tho... this is bearing in mind that most of us pedestrian types would probably deem paradise to be like i've got it. within walking distance of not only a beautiful warm/cooled wifi/toilet equipped bus terminal, but as well, a walmart supecenter. while i'm a walmart fan big-time, i'm sure y'all don't want to advertise them without some $$$, so let's go with offering apartment searches within proximity to some super-center type place (not a club like sam's or costco). rather, kmart, walmart and target. wouldn't that make for a happy bunch of car-giver-uppers? -- thanks so much