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You missed the park and two shopping centers!

walk score for Stratford hills in Richmond va gives no credit for adjacent park and river access, the most popular in all of richmond. Grocery store, drugstore, 5 restaurants, 2 dozen other businesses are all within .5 mile of neighborhood. how is this reflected? walk score is absurdly low.
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  • Missing amenities can be added to Walk Score by following these instructions:
    1. Go to and type in the address in “Get Your Score” search bar
    2. Click on the "Map" button or map to bring up the big "What's Nearby" map
    3. Click “Add a Place” button just below the map
    4. Fill out the fields in the pop-up screen: category, place name, address, phone, website, etc
    5. Sign in with either a Gmail or Facebook account – click “Submit”
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