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Your assessor couldn't drive it but we walk it all the time- That's what the score should be all about!

Your assessment of Wexford Blvd's walkability is very flawed. AS long time residents and seniors we regularly walk south to the dead end of Wexford Blvd, through Wexford park and across the hydro -park in 15- 20 minutes where there are a vast array of big box stores of every variety and a selection of 5 huge grocery stores including Metro, No Frills, Walmart Super Centre, Adonis and Premium (the last two are full sized grocery stores with a middle eastern and an asian focus) It is unfortunate that your measure looks toward Lawrence Avenue and Warden whereas our shopping experience is directed toward Eglinton between Warden and Victoria Park. WE suggest that you review the score from a walker's perspective. While Wexford Blvd dead ends to cars at Wexford Park, it provides walkers with a direct and pleasant walk to a plethora of shopping and service opportunities. Your survey was obviously done by a car or by maps not by a direct walking experience.
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