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Environ 2 under glue down cork flooring

We are installing an Environ 2 pad under a Capricork gluedown floor. As such we have installed a thinner plywood subfloor in the area the pad occupies but must secure the pad to the subfloor and then use floor leveler on top to provide a surface for the cork tiles to adhere to. I was planning on gluing the pad with thinset or flooring adhesive. Do you have any thoughts on the best way to proceed?
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  • Hi Zoltan-

    It appears you have the wrong product for the installation you describe. We cannot recommend any glue down flooring or cement be used with our Environ II heating mats. These mats are strictly for use with floating floors, whether that be carpet, laminate, or engineered wood.

    The Environ is simply secured to the underlayment using duct tape at the corners, and then the floating floor placed on top. Glueing or the use of cement is not recommended. For the application you describe, our Tempzone under tile system would be a better fit. Please let us know if we can be of further assistance- If the Environ you purchased needs to be returned and a design made up for Tempzone, we can certainly accommodate you.


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