[10061] Connection Refused

The log location we have configured is http. The URL is pointing to the site where we need IIS logging information.

The username & password entered under the authtication information is the local admin account. The message given when the Analyze button is selected is as follows.

Cannot download http://url to the site
[10061] Connection Refused

Does this software have the ability to read IIS log information by pointing directly to the site?


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  • You need to specify path to actual log files including file name or wildcard like c:\Logs\*.log, it's not enough to specify site URL.

    You can choose the "Local file" log location mode to analyze log files on a local or network drive and the "FTP" mode to download logs via FTP. It is also possible to download logs via HTTP but it's not so convenient as it's not possible to use wildcards in file names in this case.
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