Aggregate page hits for .htaccess redirect entries

(This is a repost of my recent question about this feature. Turned out it doesn't exist yet, so I wanted to log this as a new feature idea.)

I'd like to replicate .htaccess redirect entries in WebLog Expert reports.

Say I rename a web page and add an .htaccess redirection for the name change, e.g. redirect /oldpage.html /newpage.html. Now I want WLE to likewise count all oldpage.html hits as newpage.html hits in all reports.

That is, all existing oldpage hits in old logs should be aggregated with any newpage hits in new logs, so that I don't have to manually add up the hit counts for both pages to get the total hit count.

Possibly this feature could be implemented by way of a general URL translate table, which was discussed in this older idea.
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