Analysis not using date range first

So set up a directory of \data\w\logs\*.log
set analysis to last 18 full weeks
set dNS to on...
why does the dns attempt to resolve logs that are clearly out of the data range?
I finally cancelled the query because we have logs that go back 5 years.
is there something different that needs to be set.
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  • When log files aren't inside the specified time range, the program still needs to read them once to determine their time range. After it their time range will be saved in an internal cache, so these files will be skipped next time you analyze the profile with similar time range set.

    If you enabled the DNS lookup, on the first analysis the program will show that it is performing the DNS lookup for the files, while it will work very fast as the program will just skip all the data. When actual DNS lookup is performed, it takes much more time (so it's not recommended for large log files).
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