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Cannot save/create cache file

When I attempt to manually analize log files, the analysis seems to run but then I am prompted with "Caannot create cache file".

Any suggestions?
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  • What version of Windows do you use and what cache location is shown in Options > Analysis > Log Cache?

    The problem usually appears if the program settings are moved manually from an old version of Windows (e.g. Windows XP) to a newer version (e.g. Windows 7). When the setting files are copied manually, the program tries to save files to an old cache location (usually "C:\Program Files\WebLog Expert\LogCache"), while it's not possible for the program with usual permissions to write to this folder under newer versions of Windows.

    In such case it is necessary to change the log cache location to "C:\ProgramData\WebLog Expert\LogCache". If the ProgramData folder isn't shown (it's not shown by default), you need to set option to show hidden files and folders in Windows Explorer.

    The problem shouldn't appear if program settings are copied using the File > Backup and File > Restore commands.
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