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Combining page hits with optional file extensions

I have pages that appear with the .aspx file extension, but also without the extension. How can I combine them to get a single count. For example:

/files/jobs.aspx = 150 hits
/files/jobs = 50 hits

What I want is:
/files/jobs = 200 hits
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  • Michael (Official Rep) July 22, 2013 20:54
    There is no special setting to remove an extension from files. However, it is possible to create a special custom table that will show file names without extension similar to the Pages report. The problem is that it will work for this table only, i.e. other tables like Paths will still show file names with the .aspx extension.

    Please let me know if you wish to create such custom table and need more information on it. It is possible to create the table in the Professional and Enterprise editions.
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