Configure WebLog Expert to recognize what DNS domain users are visiting from

Is there any way to configure WebLog Expert to understand the DNS structure that my employer uses? For example, we have a domain for users in North America (AMR), Greater Europe Region (GER), Greater Asia Region (GAR). Each domain has it's own domain prefix (, etc) and I would like to be able to configure WebLog expert so it sorted hits coming from users in whatever domain they happen to be coming from when the visit the site and have the metrics display properly under the Visitors > Countries navigation element. Right now it shows United States as a very small percentage of the overall visitors and 95% of the pie chart is labeled as "Unknown"..

Let me know if you need any further technical details..
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  • You can use custom table to show such statistics. You can create such table in Options > Report > Tables, choose Host as main data and click the Custom button near the "Main data" combo to enter custom modification rules. You can use regular expressions here, so you can modify visitor hosts (domains) the way you need them to be shown. Information on modification rules is available at

    You can also enable charts in the table properties, so they will be shown along with the table.
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