I’m frustrated

Custom table/report inheritance

Seeing some behaviour which I assume is intended but I would like to be able to override.

I have a few custom tables under the "Custom" category which are in some cases very profile specific.

I had hoped that by going through every profile we have (around 100) and unticking the Custom category it would remain that way unless I chose to add the relevant tables on the profiles where required.

However it appears that adding any new table under the Custom category automatically adds that table in to the report on every profile.

I would prefer this not to be default behaviour and instead to respect the setting on each profile for the parent "Custom" category (i.e. if Custom category unchecked then don't enable the new table), or on creation of the new table to have the option to force it into each profile or not.

Seriously having to revisit every profile to uncheck every new custom table I create seems insane.
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