Defining "Referring URLs?

Hi all. What exactly are "referring URLs"? Are those the last site someone was on before they came to our site or was there a click-through from their site to ours? I've randomly searched through sites listed and can't find a link to us anywhere. Any thoughts? Thanks in advance. MC
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  • Michael (Official Rep) July 02, 2013 06:14
    Referrer should indicate a page that contains a link to your site. When a visitor clicks that link and goes to your site, that page's URL is sent as referrer to your site.

    However, some robots/spiders and another software may send fake referrers to your site. It is called "referrer spam". You can set some URLs to be ignored by including them in the referrer ignore list in Options > Analysis > Ignore Lists, while it is necessary to add the pages to this list manually.
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