Filtering some pages and their dependencies

How can I exclude pages like this:
"" (w/o quotes) from reports?
I created exclude filter with "referrer" and this url without any result. I still see this url in Access Statistics/ Pages.
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  • You need to create an exclude "Requested file" filter with value /net/widget/kasko/?size=290x250&utm_source=testsravni&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=testsravni-kasko-widget&utm_term=testsravni-290x250

    You can also use wildcards like /net/widget/kasko/* if you wish to exclude URLs with different query parameters.

    The filter will exclude all requests for the file, while if you wish to also exclude requests with such referrer, you need to use the "Referrer" filter you already created.
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