Getting the Who (host), What (search term/phrase/page), and Where (organization/country) all in one

Is there a way to generate a report that shows the IP address (host), the organization and the country it resolves to? Basically, I want to merge these sections so I can say this IP from this organization in this country searched for this page/phrase. Is this possible?
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  • Unfortunately it's not possible to show host, organization, country and search phrase/page in one table. You can create a custom table that shows organization and country in one line and a list of hosts for this organization in separate lines, or host and country in one line and organization in another line; but in such cases it won't be possible to show pages or phrases.

    You can check the tables you can create in Options > Report > Tables. When you create a table you can choose one field (e.g. organization) as main data and another field (e.g. host) as group data. For some fields you can select country in the column list.
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