How large log file does Weblog Expert support?

How large log file does Weblog Expert support? i mean the data size, for example: i import 10 years log files (over 1GB per days) that will be get crash?
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  • It is unlikely that the program could analyze such amounts of data. Generally there shouldn't be problems with analysis of log data with total amount of up to 100GB and daily amount of up to 1GB, while it depends on the program settings and log contents.

    There are three most important settings related to ability to analyze large log files:
    1. If dynamic HTML reports are used, it may be necessary to disable including detailed log data in Profile Properties > Report.

    2. With sites with very high number of hits per day it may be necessary to decrease session timeout in Options > Analysis > General or enable the adaptive timeout here.

    3. If it is possible, excluding requests to images, CSS and other files using filters will reduce amount of data to be analyzed and so allow you to analyze larger logs.
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