How do I avoid including wordpress maintenance activities in the website activity logs?

How do I avoid including wordpress maintenance activities in the website activity logs?

My website used to be developed and maintained in Dreamweaver. So when I developed, maintained and checked pages they were local and did not affect the website activity. There was only the FTP and subsequent final checking of the live site. I also had a local version to view and check over.

Now the website is in Wordpress. This means that I am doing all the maintenance on-line. Any time I want to view the site I am adding to the live stats. Now clearly when I am in the admin pages writing posts and updating pages that is easy to isolate.

However I would also like to eliminate my viewing of live pages (eg checking it has worked properly) from the views conducted by users.

Is there a way to do this please?

(I did wonder if they way to do it was through my IP address, but as I use an ISP I suspect their IP addresses are showing up rather than a fixed or specific IP address for my location/connection. Is this correct of is there something clever here I can do?).



PS Love your tool by the way - it is excellent and insightful.
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  • It seems that simple filtering by IP won't work in your case as you don't have a fixed IP address.

    One easy solution I can recommend is using an exclude "Visitors accessed the specified file" filter with a value that matches your admin pages. In this case if you access the admin part of your site, all your requests from the same visit (including usual page views) will be excluded. However, if you just view pages on your site without accessing the admin pages, this filter won't work.

    There could be a more complex solution - you can use some kind of plug-in for WordPress that detects your visits by cookie and requests some special URL each time you visit the site. In this case you'll be able to exclude all visits with this URL requested. However, unfortunately I don't have experience with WordPress and I cannot recommend you such plug-in.
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