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Huge jump in hits & page views with same number of visitors

We've noticed a huge increase in hits (10x) and page views (100x) without a corresponding jump in number of visitors. The change corresponds with an update to our site, but the numbers are too big to be believable.

From the week before the update, we saw 44,655 visitors and 85,356 page views - very believable and typical on our site for the past 6-12 months, with a gradual increase over time. Then the week of the update (update installed Tuesday night) we had 46,505 visitors and 8,913,946 (yes, 8.9 million) page views. This translates into 191 page views per visitor - just not credible. Between these same 2 weeks, hits went from 1,403,274 to 10,318,296.

How do we begin to get a handle on what's changed and how to get at the correct numbers?
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