I can't seem to filter based on a file name and or URL path to file. .

We run DotNetNuke for our public facing website. We have lots of PDF files that people can view. When I run an analysis on our IIS logs, I can see the file being referenced by the URL that you use to access it.

Here is the actual URL you use to get to the file: http://www.ncrb.org/portals/0/ncrb/wo...

So now I want to analyze our IIS logs with JUST that one file. But no matter what I put in the filter tab, it doesn't find the file. I have tried the above URL. I have tried the above full URL, as well as




"/erm-14 complete.pdf"

And a bunch of other attempts. Is the problem DotNetNuke and how it presents links? or am I missing something in the filter?

Thanks in advance!
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