I am only getting ip addresses in visitors/hosts; I don't get urls anymore

I am only new to weblog; when I used it last month I got a mixture of ip addresses and urls in my hosts page but this month I am only getting ip addresses; what is going on?
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  • Michael (Official Rep) April 03, 2014 09:52
    The program can show domains instead of IPs in the Hosts report in two cases:

    1. Domain names are stored as hosts for some visitors in the log files (DNS lookup is performed on server).

    2. The program is set to perform the DNS lookup and show domains instead of IPs. The DNS lookup can be enabled in Profile Properties > General.

    So if you don't see domain names for activity in this month, it could be caused by either changed log settings at server or changed DNS lookup option in the program. In any case you should enable the "Lookup DNS names" option in Profile Properties > General, so you'll get the domains.
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