Least popular pages report, trying to find out how to report on which pages were hit 5 or fewer times.

Trying to find out which web pages in a site are visited least often. Is there a way to do this?
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  • Michael (Official Rep) March 26, 2019 18:59
    The program shows top 50 items per table by default but you can change this number (up to 10000) in the program options ("Report | Contents" category) or profile properties. Just select an appropriate item and click the "Properties" button.
    Such way you should increase the number shown for the Pages table to view the least popular pages at the bottom.

    If you use the Professional or Enterprise version, you can also duplicate the "Most Popular Pages" report in Options > Report > Tables using the "More > Copy Table" command, change its name and change the sort order in the Data tab.

    And if you use the Enterprise version, you can create a dynamic HTML report and change the sorting order by clicking the field name in the table header.
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