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Looking to see what is using SSL2.0, SSL3.0 and TLS1.0 on our website

Newbie here...

I inherited a website that needs securing specifically we want to block SSL2.0, SSL3.0 and TLS1.0. However, I am afraid that some of our older apps are using one or more of these protocols. I need to be able to tell my developers which ones are being used and how. Is there anyway that I can get that information from the analysis using WebLog Expert?
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  • Unfortunately the program doesn't have support for such fields. It may be still possible to analyze such data if you have Apache or similar logs - in this case you can set the program to analyze the secure protocol version field as a supported field (e.g. query). Please let me know if you have such logs and need more information on it.

    It's not possible to do it with IIS logs as the program automatically recognizes fields specified in the IIS log header and doesn't support custom fields at the moment.
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