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Need for speed

I want to allow the program to use more of the CPU/cores. I have 6 cores (12 if split) and it is taking around 5% of the CPU. Slooooow. I also have the log files download on a local SSD and 60 Mbps and 16 Gig of RAM. Nothing is being stressed but it is Sloooow; Slow. Otherwise I have used the program for years and love it.
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  • Actually the Standard/Professional/Enterprise versions can use multiple cores for analysis log data if the appropriate option is enabled (and it is enabled by default). However, it applies to analysis of log data, while reading log data, applying filters to it and creating reports is performed using one thread.

    So in most cases if you analyze logs and don't use filters (or use filters that leave most of the data) the program should use multiple cores. If you use filters that filter out most of the data, the program will use one core most of the time, as analysis of filtered data doesn't need much time.

    We may consider changing this behavior in the future, but it is unlikely that we implement it in the near versions of the program.
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