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Need help answering customers concerns on Incomplete Requests .

Hello everyone,

We recently purchased ( WebLog Expert /Enterprise) and ran a report for one of our customers. After the account manager viewed the report , he noticed the tally for incomplete requests, which are not out of the norm for our websites & environment but which they view as an issue .

Below are the customers questions , followed by my intended response.Do you have any insight /or a more accurate way to answer these questions?

• Is there be a specific message/ error notification that would appear when an incomplete request is encountered?
- To my knowledge there is no specific message/error notification besides Scom which monitors the server where the site resides and Webmetrics that monitors the Site. The error logs on the server itself do not specify whether it’s a browser/user
• Are we be able to repair/ fix the issue so that the user does not experience an issue?
- Is this an issue that needs to be fixed or are the incomplete request numbers for the month of July considered normal for our environment?
• Are we able to determine if the “incomplete requests” are unique or associated with a specific browser? (can we report incompletes based on browser type)
- The answer to this is a NO, webtrends/weblog cannot break down which browser/versions are getting more incomplete requests than others.

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