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Hi, i have an apache server with 20 virtualhosts. So every virtual host has its logfile. I would like to have a unique report with data from all the virtualhost. But with the interface, i must fill in the domain name field : the problem is that i have 20 domains (because 20 virtualhost). So i can choose my 20 logfiles with something like "*.access.log" but the problem is that i must choose a domain name, and consequently, i can't have a general report about the 20 vhost.
is there a solution?

Thanks for reply
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  • It's not possible to generate a report for multiple hosts that will show correct URLs for all domains, as the same domain (specified in the profile properties) will be shown in all URLs instead of real domains and reports like "Pages" won't show correct information.

    However, if you just need general information on your hosts, you can get it in the Access Statistics > Virtual Domains report. This report doesn't depend on domain setting in the profile properties and it will show correct information on virtual domains. You can uncheck all other tables and charts for this profile in Profile Properties > Report > Custom report contents.
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