Profile Editor Available?

I have a bunch of profiles that need tweaking after the 1st of the year. Is there a way to export, replace parameters, and import? Better yet have replaceable parameters in the profile? I really just need a 12 to turn into a 13 in 2 places in each of 32 profiles. Thanks in advance.
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  • Profile files are stored in the Profiles subfolder of the WebLog Expert data folder (usually “C:\Program Files\WebLog Expert” under Windows XP/2003 or older and “C:\ProgramData\WebLog Expert” under Windows Vista/2008/7 or newer).

    These files have text format so you can easily replace data in them.

    Please note that if you use Windows Vista/2008/7, the C:\ProgramData folder is hidden by default (unlike the Program Files folder), so you need to set Windows Explorer to show hidden files and folders. To do it, click the Organize button on the toolbar in Windows Explorer and choose the "Folder and search options" item. Open the "View" tab and select the "Show hidden files, folders, and drives" option.
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