Recommended Installation/Setup

We are purchasing the Enterprise version and I have a query regarding recommended setup.

What is the recommended installation location and setup? Directly on the webserver or would it be recommended to setup a seperate server to host WebLogExpert seperatly? It is worth mentioning that we do have more than one web server that we plan to analyse the logs for; and plan to setup a web farm in the short-term.

Where we use a seperate server for WebLogExpert, is it recommended to access the logfiles via a network UNC path to the webserver, or should we setup tasks to ship (and compress) the logs to a dedicated location away from the web server being analysed?

Thanks in advance.
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  • Michael (Official Rep) March 27, 2012 12:20
    Recommended setup depends on amount of log files you need to analyze and how much system resources (especially CPU) will be required to analyze the log files.

    The ideal setup is to use a separate server for WebLog Expert and setup tasks to copy and compress log files from remote servers to this server. However, in most cases accessing logs via UNC should be OK too.

    Setting up the program on a server with a web server may be OK but it depends on whether the server have enough system resources (e.g. CPU) for both the web server and WebLog Expert. If you use the built-in scheduler or any other scheduler to run the analysis, you should also check that the program is running with low priority (default setting in the built-in scheduler).
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  • You offer two options for setting up on a separate server. Can you enhance on this answer, with respect to re-downloading and reanalysing files. If they are FTP'd down, do they get reanalysed every time you run the program? even if you have previous months downloaded, does the program reanalyse the complete set of logs ?

    Also, if using UNC, does it re-download them all and re-analyse them all, even if the date selection is only set to the last month, eg.
    • The main difference between accessing files via FTP and via UNC, is that when FTP is used, the program downloads all the files that match the specified mask to the internal cache first. When UNC is used, logs are read from the network share without downloading them to the local drive, similar to the way log files from local drive are analyzed.

      The program uses various caching techniques to avoid reanalyzing and redownloading logs. E.g. it saves time ranges of already read files to the cache, so if you choose to analyze data for the last month only, the program won't analyze other logs (time range cache). It can also cache analysis results (analysis cache), while it depends on the profile settings. More information on the caching is available at
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